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Music Express, Fresno DJ,  proudly serves Fresno, CA and the Central Valley!

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Music Express Fresno DJ

Besides being the djs that play the best mix of music that will get your guests on the dance floor, what makes Music Express different than the other djs in Fresno, CA? There
are three main reasons why we are different: (1) Commitment to making your event great (2) We love what we do (3) Our company has the most experience of any dj service in Fresno and the
Central Valley! We have been in business since 1982. We have stayed in the business this long because we love what we do here at Music Express, and what we do is provide amazing
entertainment for all of our customers. We do this with great staff of dj disc jockeys that are professionally trained. They know how to make great announcements, pick the right music to motivate
your guests to have fun, and they know how to engage your guests to get involved in the fun at your event. We will listen to you when you call us to make sure that we provide you with the
services that you want. We don't believe in using high pressure sales tactics. We will provide you with the type of service you are looking to hire. We will make suggestions that will help enhance
your event whether it be special lighting or engaging activities, but you are the one who will make the decisions without feeling pressured. This is part our commitment to you to make sure your
experience is great from beginning to end when you work with Music Express. We don't just specialize in playing music (this is what our competitors are doing for their customers). We won't just
send you someone who will play the music you want.  We are going to take an extra step for you because your event is important to you and to us. We have build our reputation on providing an
outstanding experience for our customers will exceed your expectations. We will send you a disc jockey that is trained in making your event memorable. One that will make sure everyone has a
great time, and one that will make sure that everyone feels like they are included in the event.  We specialize in making memorable events for our customers. This is what sets us apart from all the
other disc jockey companies in Fresno and the Central Valley.

We are a disc jockey company that has a goal of making every event great! We make this happen because we have great talent, and our djs are trained not only to be great djs, but they also
know how to great hosts and emcees. They have all spent extensive time participating in professional training to ensure that they have the tools and skills needed for you and your guests. This is
not something we just say, but it is something we truly believe in as a company. Every event is important, and we want yours to be the most amazing event possible. Every one of our djs has a
passion for making your event great. They were picked because of their talent, expertise in music, ability to entertain, and most of all because of their passion to provide a great experience for you
and your event. Our djs in Fresno know that whether you are looking for a dj for a wedding, a party dj, a surprise party dj, Christmas party dj, disco dj, holiday party dj, special event dj, etc. how
important it is for you to get the right talent to make your day fun and exciting. We know that your  that is why you are hiring a Fresno entertainment dj. This is the reason our event dj will come
prepared with the music, sound, lighting, and know how to make great announcements for you special day!

Often we have customers  come up to us and say, "It is obvious that you love what you do!" This is one of the greatest compliments that we can receive. When others see that we love what we do
and it shows then you know we are really committed to making your event that best! We have successfully been a dj Fresno dj company because of the passion we have for doing a great job. We
have stayed in the business for over three decades because we are doing something that we love, and we also really get satisfaction of seeing our customer having a great time! This is what
really drives us to do a great job for you and all of our customers. We love it when our customers enjoy our service. It is great to know that people are dancing and having a great time because of
the effort that we put in to make sure that all of our customers have a great time. It is a joy to be part of a Fresno dj services business that brings fun and good times to so many people. So when
you are hiring a di in Fresno, you can be sure that you are hiring a dj company that you know is as excited about making sure your event is a success as you are!

Our company has been in business for 31 years and going strong. Our combined experience of all our djs is a staggering 58 years of experience when you add up all of the years of experience
together of all five of our disc jockeys in Fresno! There is definitely no other company in Fresno or the rest of the Central Valley that even comes close. This experience means that we have
encountered many different types of situations as dj disc jockeys. Put this experience to work for you. We have great suggestions and options for you to choose from because we want to make
your event great, and we know exactly how to make that happen. It should come as no surprise to you that we are also the most recommended dj service in Fresno, Central CA, and the Central
Valley! We have more combined reviews on Google, Yahoo, The Knot, WeddingWire, etc. than any other Fresno disc jockey service. The evidence that our customers love us, Fresno Event DJ
and Fresno Special Event DJ Music Express, is overwhelmingly positive!

Music Express Fresno dj services is the most experienced disk jockey service in the valley - MUSIC EXPRESS Entertainment Fresno DJs! The best Fresno music djs in Fresno entertainment!
Fresno Corporate Event Dj | We have been in business since 1982 and have performed at many more types of events than any other company. This experience means that we will know just how
to handle your event! Quinceanera | Fresno Karaoke DJ | Fresno DJ DJs |We have incredible sound systems that produce the most amazing sound, great Fresno DJ lighting (colorburst, electro
moon, mirror balls, uplighting, 4 channel lighting, dmx controllers), Event Lighting, and experienced
djs that know how to get your guests on the dance floor! If you need a Fresno dj at a party, we are your Fresno party dj party experts!
There is no other Fresno mobile dj entertainment like Music Express dj Fresno DJ for Party!

Our sound systems are state of the art equipment that is professional quality. This is the same brand and type of equipment that you will see other music professionals utilizing at concerts, rallies,
and stage productions. Our sound systems are state of the art equipment that is professional quality. This is the same brand and type of equipment that you will see other music professionals
utilizing at concerts, rallies, and stage productions. All of our choices for equipment have been made with the customer in mind. These sound systems are crystal clear and provide plenty of power
for any type of event. We can offer you more choices for incredible Peavey Sound systems than any other Fresno DJ company, our djs are professionally trained to make sure your guests have
fun, they know how to make great announcements, and make sure everything stays on track so everyone has a great time! We have wireless microphones, dj lighting and uplighting, all types of
music including Spanish Music. We have more bilingual djs in English and Spanish than any other major dj company in the Fresno or the Central Valley. When you book with us, you will be able to
access our Fresno dj party music library online so you can choose the music you want for your event!
We are your Party DJ Wedding DJ Fresno CA!

Types of events Music Express DJ performs at are only limited by your imagination!

We will come play music and perform at many different types of events. Or company is very flexible because of our any years of experience that gives us the know how and ability to adapt to
virtually any situation for out clients. We will make sure that we understand the type of event you are putting on and your vision of how you are going to make that happen. We will provide yo u with
the services you need and make suggestions that we believe will be of benefit to you and your event.

Whether it is a wedding, you may be looking for a
Fresno dj for a party, grand opening, business promotional event, Fresno corporate events,corporate training, convention, Fresno anniversary
party dj, sporting event, quinceanera, disco party, 80s party, holiday party, Christmas party, baptism, concert production, sound equipment rental, school dance, fraternity or sorority party,
Fresno bar mitzvah dj or Fresno bat mitzvah dj, or anything else you can think of it is likely that we have done an event similar to yours in the past. This is one of the greatest things about hiring
djs in Fresno that have been to so many different types of events. We can help you make great choices to make your event successful, and we know how to handle it with confidence.

The majority of our business comes from individuals and couples such as yourself. We have done events for many large companies as well. Some of these companies include Pepsi-Cola, The
Wet Seal, Mitsubishi, Southland Corporation (7-11), Quiring Construction, Cal Poly State University, local Fraternities and Sororities, American Heart Society, Fresno Social Services, Sketchers
Shoes, many different University clubs, and many more. We are also Fresno Djs for your school dance, Fresno school dance dj, and Fresno Prom DJ. We have performed at many different events
ranging from weddings to parties, grand openings to concerts, fairs to performing on boats in the ocean, and many other different types of events.

The majority of our business comes from special events and weddings. Weddings are a very significant part of our business, and we are always thrilled when a couple decides to make us part of
their wedding because it represents such an important day in their lives that will be remembered for a lifetime. We are experts at coordinating weddings for our customers. We can help you
through the process from beginning to end. Wedding consultations are always free. There are many things to consider when planning a wedding. One big consideration for us as Fresno disc
jockeys is the size of your wedding. This affects the type of sound system you will need as well as the approximate time you will need to have a wedding dj in Fresno CA for your wedding. We offer
Fresno wedding day services with full entertainment. Another consideration is how many sound systems will be needed for you wedding. Often two sound systems are required because the
location of the reception is not close to the ceremony location. In this case, we will often suggest the use of two sound systems for your wedding in order to keep the music seamless for you and
your guests. Music Express is your Fresno wedding services special events expert.

We have example timelines for your wedding that will show you approximately what time each event of your wedding will be taking place, and how long each part takes during your wedding. If you
are having a ceremony and a reception, then we have a timeline for that, or if it is only the reception then we have a timline for that as well. Give us a call or email us and we will be happy to send
you a timeline to assist you in your planning. Eventually you will want to create your own timeline of events for your wedding which you can easily do in your client account one it is setup for you.
We will create a client account for you when you book with us. When you make changes to anything in your client accounted we are alerted immediately so we know that you have been working on
planning for your event or wedding. This will be invaluable to the success of your wedding. This will help your wedding dj in Fresno to coordinate with your photographer and caterer to make sure
everything runs smoothly, and you are able to focus of enjoying your wedding day knowing
everything will flow just as you have planned!

Planning is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a wedding. We will work with you to plan your ceremony and reception. We have an online client system which you will find invaluable to
the planning of your wedding. You will want to pick out the types of music that you like on our ceremony worksheet, the specific songs you want for your first dance, the cutting of the cake,
father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, bouquet toss, and garter toss. You will also fill in information as to how you want to be announce, and the name of family, and bridal party members.
Additionally this is where you will specify who is going to give a toast at your wedding.

In your client account, you will also find a copy of your contract, and you will have the ability to make payments as well through Paypal. This where you will find our music library. You can make use
of the music library to make requests of specific songs you want played at your event. These should be songs that you cannot do without. This is not meant to be an all inclusive list. You want to
make sure that your Fresno dj knows the type of music that you like so that they can play the best dance songs available from these types of music to get your guests, family, and friends dancing
and having a great time!

Types of Music

We can provide you with all types of music for your event. Our music library is very extensive. It is filled with many great songs for your event. It has also been designed with all ages in mind.We
have music ranging from the 1920s until now. We have current music, dance music, hits from all the decades, rock music, country music, old school, rap, hip hop, jazz, classical, electronic music,
reggae dub, new wave, Motown, oldies, etc. You may not see the music you are looking for in this list. Most likely we will have the music you are wanting for your event. If not, then we will be able
to provide it for you. In rare cases, we may ask for your help to acquire music. An example of this would be if the music was in a
different language that we could not understand.  

We have made it very convenient for you to take a look at the songs we have in our music library. This library is not all inclusive, because you can imagine what a workload it would cause to keep
the library up to date 100%. However, the library is up to date for approximately 80 to 85% of the music we have in our systems. New music is being release all the time which makes it difficult to
keep the library database on our website completely up to date. If there is a specific song you are looking for to have at your event, then you can search for it in our music library. The music
selection system will even show you album covers and other types of music that are similar to the one you are looking to include in your requests. We also strongly suggest that you take some
time when you are planning your music, and that you also prepare a do not play list for us to let us know which songs you absolutely do not want played at your special event. This is available to
you in your client account. If you have special songs that are not in our library, just let us know and we will make sure to have them for you for your event. There is no need to worry.

All of our djs are familiar with many types of music and they know the popular songs as well as the best dance songs to play for each different style of music. They will use this knowledge to get
your guests involved in your event and dancing. We also strive to play music that all of your guests will enjoy so that everyone you invite will feel included and have a great time.

Event Lighting

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of most events. Many customers will tell me that their venue already has plenty of lighting. Sometimes they will also tell me that because their event is
outdoors they really don't need lighting. In reality, I have seen some dramatic transformations of outdoor landscape with our lighting. Outdoor venues can get really dark, and the extra lighting
makes if fun, and easier to see for all of your guests!  Outdoor venues sometimes do have light, but that type of lighting is usually static and does not do anything to enhance your party.
Frequently outdoor venues are lacking in the necessary light for your crowd. Make your lighting fun and inviting for people to get involved and dance the night away.

Any event can benefit greatly from our event lighting. It is also the one element that can really transform the environment of your party and affect the entire energy of your event. You can take
your event from good to great with our
lighting. Our even lighting experts can help you create an fun elegant atmosphere for your event, or they can make the atmosphere like that of a nightclub.
You describe the type of atmosphere you want and our Fresno
event lighting design experts will make suggestions that will make it happen for you! You will be amazed and happy with the results.

There are so many choices available to you. We have Colorburst lighting that comes standard with most package. These are two sets of our different colored lights that respond to the music and
have many different computer controlled patters. It is as if these lights are dancing to the music! We have laser type led lighting that creates a nightclub type atmosphere. This lighting also
responds to the music. You can choose a strobe light that seemingly makes you move in slow motion. We have a mirror ball for those of you that would like to have that 70's disco look for your
party (this is great for themed parties)!

The biggest change to lighting in the last decade has been uplighting that can be set to any color you want. This is really beneficial for any special event where you have event colors. I have had
several customers tell me that their venues are old and do not look inviting. Frequently they will ask me to give them a solution to this problem. The best possible solution for most customers is the
use of uplighting. You have to see the dramatic effects that are possible with Fresno
uplighting. This type of llighting can also be set to respond to the beat of the music during dancing. This type
of lighting is very elegant and can transform a plain room into a showplace that you will be very proud of when your guests arrive!

What to Expect

You can expect to have a great time with your Music Express Fresno DJs. You can expect to receive superior service from Music Express than you would receive from any other Fresno music dj
service. Our people are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. We will get back to you right away when you have questions or need help. We have excellent resources for you to use in
planning as well as in selecting music. Not only do we have great customer service, knowledgeable djs, and event planners, but we also have state of the art planning systems as well as
lighting and equipment.

Once you have decided to hire us you will be contacting us by phone or email to let us know so we can reserve the date. Your date is not secure until you make a deposit and sign a contract. We
have a state of the art client account system that allows you to login through our website. You can view your contract here and make your deposit. You will be able to sign your contract
electronically. This is very convenient for everyone who has a busy schedule. You can also communicate with us through this account, email, text,  or phone. Everything is setup with your
convenience in mind to make things accessible and for you to have a great experience. When you update your account, our system automatically alerts us that you have made changes to your
event so that we can make sure everything you want is included in your event that you want so that it will be special and a great time for you and your guests!Once you do this your date will go on
our calendar, and then you will be ready to start the planning process. After you book with us, you probably won't hear much from us until approximately one month before your event. During this
time, you should be thinking about the type of music you want played at your event, and this is also when you should be thinking about any special announcements or activities you might want to
have take place at you event. Our disc jockeys will be glad to assist you with you special music, announcements, or activities.

In the weeks and months before your event you should be thinking about the types of music that you want at your event. This is the time to make notes in your client account and to make requests
for songs that you definitely want to have played at your event. Planning your event ahead of time and letting us know what you want is the best way to make sure your event is a success. About
one month before your event we will be reminding you that you need to fill out your planning paperwork for you event. You will need to have your planning information complete at least two weeks
before your event to give us time to prepare for you event.

On the day of the event, you should expect to see us approximately one hour before the event to setup. If you event requires and extra sound system or lighting then you will see us earlier than
one hour before the event. Once the dj is setup you can expect to have a great time with you event customized especially for you.

What is a disc jockey?

A disc jockey is an entertainer that emcees, plays music for events, and provides lighting upon request. Disc jockeys will provide you with music and a sound system for your event. Higher quality
and more experienced companies will also provide you with great emcees to make announcements and encourage your guest to participate in the evening. A great Fresno music dj should also be
able to read the crowd to make sure they are playing the right music that your guests will respond to at your event. This also requires them to be able to adapt to different situations quickly. Many
djs and dj companies will offer you the option of adding
event lighting to your event.

There are many Fresno music djs, but only one Fresno mobile dj in Fresno - Music Express. Our company has been in business for 31 years. We are located in Fresno, California. We know how
to disc jockey for you so that your event is great! We offer Fresno full entertainment wedding day services along with elegant lighting to transform your Fresno wedding venue. We provide
amazing Fresno Mobile DJ Entertainment! If you are looking for a Fresno Party DJ Wedding, wedding dj, a party dj, an anniversary dj at a party, a special event dj, grand opening dj, reunion dj,
then you have come to the right place. We have been at more of these types of events that any other djs in Fresno.  In the past, a DJ disc jockey would use turntables with records or cds with cd
players. This is not the case anymore. A disc jockey dj will now use a computer that stores MP3 files, usually a dj controller, a mixer and an amplification system. Music Express is a professional
disc jockey service that is focused on making
your event great!

History of disc jockeys

The history of disc jockeys goes back many decades. In 1935, the term disc jockey was created by an American radio announce named Walter Winchell.* At the time, this referred to someone who
was on the radio and played music. Over time this description of a disc jockey has evolved to include a wider range of djs. This no includes radio djs, wedding djs, party djs, disco djs, mobile djs,
event djs, grand opening djs, emcees, etc. Jimmy Savile was the first dj to hold a dance party in Otley, England in 1947.* This was the birth of a brand new era of mobile entertainment djs.
Alan Freed is often noted as the father of rock and roll because he used this term in the 19500s to promote this style of music.*

The 1960s  and 1970s brought about the growth of nightclub djs and the mixer was developed that we commonly see today in mobile dj setups. The 1980s brought about the development of video
jockeys and MTV.* The portable dj really took off as a large variety of equipment became available and lighting options as well. The equipment in the 80s was bulky and heavy. Near the end of the
decade compact discs became popular and were widely integrated into dj setups. Prior to that a dj had to carry around a heavy set of records to play at all of their events. In the 1990s, with the
Internet it became much easier to obtain music through sites such as Amazon, Napster, and Itunes. This is when computerized based dj systems started to take over the scene. In the 2000's,
equipment has become much lighter, better sounding, and more powerful. Lighting options have really increased as well. This has all been great for our customer in Fresno, CA where we are your
Fresno dj disc jockeys and the Central Valley premiere dj service!

Music Express History

Music Express disc jockey company was started in 1982 because we saw an opportunity to provide superior customization and customer service to people who were looking to hire a dj service.
Music Express was started by two young entrepreneurs in 1982. The company has been in business ever since.  We have performed at events all over Central and Northern California. As it has
been from the beginning, each and every customer is very important to us. We want everyone to have a great experience with our djs at their events! At that time, there were only a few major dj
services in each city. This was long before the Internet so at that time our primary means of getting the word out to our customers consisted of word of mouth, direct mail efforts, and the Yellow
pages. In time. Our methods of promotion have changed considerably. There are now over 120 different dj companies in Fresno to choose from for your event. However, there are only a handful
of serious dj companies like us that are committed to making your event great!

We have gone through many different changes ourselves as a company. We started in the 80s when you had really heavy equipment, turntables, and amplifiers that literally were over a hundred
pounds each. We used to carry around crates of records to every event. It took hours to get ready for an event because we had so much equipment and gear to bring in to each event. After
turntables we moved into using cds or compact discs. This was a big change because cds did not require as much room as records and they were very light compared to records. The sound
quality was great as well. The current generation of equipment is lighter, sounds better, has more power, and now we store our music on laptops.

Because communication between you, the customer, and us is so important we have also invested in client information panning systems that are web based to make things simpler and more
convenient for all of our clients. We have received a lot of feedback from our customers telling us how convenient and helpful these online planning tools are for them in preparing for their event.
We are able to view your planning as it happens which allows us to be more prepared for your event. It also alerts us so that we know the right questions to ask your to make your event a great
success!  We also have more choices than ever before for event lighting which adds class and excitement to your special day! We now also provide sound for concerts and special events with our
Fresno Mobile Sound Production!

Keep in Mind

Choosing the right dj entertainment company will have a big impact o the success of your event. Music Express is a great choice for your event. While there are many choices out there, make sure
you pick one that has experience, is passionate about what they do, and one that does not pressure you into spending more money than you are comfortable spending. We want you to feel great
about your choice to hire us. We have given you lost of information to help you make an informed choice about us. Music Express has their dj rates posted online, and can give you custom quotes
right away over the pone. We are the best value in Fresno and the Central Valley! We provide the highest in quality (experienced, fun, professional, great equipment, etc.)  for a fair price. One
important method we use to control our costs is to meet clients at a central location. We do this so you don't have to pay extra for our rent at some expensive shopping center. By doing this we
have been able to pass the savings along to each and every one of our customers. Each customer is generally able to save hundreds of dollars over the equivalent type service from another
company. We are your best value in Fresno and the Central Valley.

Our biggest asset is the people in our company. We have some really great djs that care about the customer and making their event great. You will have a great time, and you can be confident
you hired a dj that know what they are doing when you hire a dj in Fresno from Music Express! Our djs are among the best trained djs in California! Your Fresno dj will be an experienced
professional that knows what they are doing. We are you Fresno Corporate Event Djs and Wedding djs in Fresno! Our djs in Fresno go through extensive training, and they are required to
complete an on the job training requirement that usually takes at least one year. Only after they complete their training are they allowed to be the dj for any of our events. All of or music djs are
great at what they do, and our djs average 11 years of experience each which is longer than most of the dj business in Fresno have even existed. it is because of this that you can hire us with
confidence. Our profession disc jockeys make it possible for us to provide you with amazing events! We will put all of our extensive experience and knowledge to work for you so that you can have
an event to remember! One thing that has never changed in the history  of our company is our commitment to quality not only in service, but in having and maintain professional sound equipment.
We have only the finest sound equipment to provide you with for your event, professional lighting, and entertainers that will make sure your day is great with the best Central Valley DJ!
Experience Music Express by giving us a call toady!

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We have several different
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specific needs!
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