Fresno Wedding DJ in Merced Swartwood Fresno Wedding DJ Services CA

Fresno Wedding DJ services ca Swartwood wedding dj in Merced

Imagine a beautiful day in the Central Valley with all of your closest family and friends there to witness your wedding. Everything is perfect. The guests are all there to celebrate with you. Your friends and family are there ready to witness the union. This is how it was for Ryan and Chio at their Merced, CA wedding with Music Express Wedding dj in Merced – Fresno wedding dj services ca there to provide them with ceremony music and a wireless microphone for the minister as they took their vows by the lake.

Fresno Wedding DJ in Merced Swartwood Fresno Wedding DJ Services CA

It was perfect and all the guests were so happy to see the couple get married on a gorgeous Saturday in the Central Valley!

Once the ceremony was finished the couple took pictures with the photographer, the bridal party, and family.

Meanwhile Music Express Fresno Wedding DJ Services CA – wedding dj in Merced played classical music for the guests while they were relaxing and enjoying the wonderful weather. They really enjoyed the music that was playing in the background and it was at the perfect volume for everyone to be able to enjoy themselves and be able to visit as well.

Following the cocktail everyone sat down for a nice dinner where they listed to dinner music while enjoying their food.

Following dinner there was a toast, and then the couple had their first dance together as a married couple.They danced to the song “Make you feel my love” by Adele. All the guests were very happy to see the couple dance together for the first time!

The couple had their bouquet toss and garter toss.

This was followed by lots of dancing and a great time!

Fresno Wedding DJ Services CA Wedding DJ in Merced

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